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Soap Whip Versus Body Wash. What’s the difference?

Let’s face it; we’re creatures of habit. Whether it be your daily routine or your favorite product – we tend to feel comfort in what we know. With this in mind, it’s really no surprise that many people are a bit hesitant to try out soap whip. What is this stuff anyway and why switch up the body wash you have loved for so many years?

Here at Buff City Soap New England, we’re answering your questions!


What is soap whip, anyway?

Let’s start with asking one of the most common questions we hear around the Makery – What is soap whip? The easiest answer – It’s your new body wash! Simply apply your Whip to a wet luffa and it’ll foam right up. Keeping you moisturized and smelling wonderful all day!


So why consider making the change? Here are a few reasons:


One of the first differences any consumer will notice is the consistencies. Soap whip is (as the name implies) a whipped, foamy, and airy soap that has a light and fluffy texture. On the other hand, body wash has a thicker, gel-like consistency.


When it comes to the application of these products, they can be applied similarly or differently – depending on personal preference. As mentioned, Buff City Soap Whip is typically used with a loofah to create a rich lather, while body wash is often applied with a pouf or washcloth.


buff city soap whip


Moisturizing Properties

Another significant difference, especially in cold New England weather, is that Whip and body wash have different moisturizing properties. Soap whip is often formulated with ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil to hydrate and nourish the skin. In contrast, body wash may contain moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera or vitamin E. While all of the mentioned ingredients are good, sometimes a bit more moisture is called for!


Customization Options

Finally, and one of our favorite topics, is customization! Here at Buff City Soap New England we love customizing products, like Soap Whip, for our Guests! With our Makery on-site, we offer you the opportunity to explore our 30+ scents and choose from your favorite – or come up with your own blend! Once you have your scent, our Soap Makers will get to work making your product by hand, right before your eyes! Even better – if you’re looking for a unique thank you gift, we work in batches and customize colors, too!

Buff City Soap Whip

And there you have it – a look at Soap Whip and Body Wash. And, now that you’re intrigued, it’s time to visit one of our local Makeries and explore plant-based skincare for yourself! We look forward to seeing and working with you!


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